Weather Guidelines
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In the event of inclement or severe weather on days the group has a tour activity, we will follow these guidelines:  
  • In the event of anticipated inclement weather (particularly heavy snow/ice/blizzard conditions), Mel will keep an eye on the forecast and post to the OWL BigTent forum anywhere from 12 to 48  hours prior to the tour or activity, asking members to keep an eye on the forum the morning of the activity, and to check again prior to leaving for the activity, in case there is a last-minute cancellation.
  • On the morning of the activity, if inclement weather seems eminent, Mel will start a discussion on the BigTent forum in which feedback is requested from group members:  Whether or not they still plan to attend, feel like it will be dangerous to travel, etc.
  • In the case of a non-recurring tour or activity, the coordinator in charge of the will make the call as to whether or not to cancel, keeping in mind any minimum number requirements and how the activity will be impacted if too few people attend. 
  • We will aim to issue a cancellation no later than 90 minutes before the event, depending on the nature of the event.  If it is a more casual situation (i.e.) and not dependent on group minimums, members may (of course) choose to attend as they feel comfortable.  
  • In most cases, we will not reschedule recurring activities, although member-driven rescheduling is possible (i.e. suggesting we meet at the park another day).  
  • In the event that inclement weather is a factor on the evening of a planning meeting, if we have several members who will not be able to attend, we should try to reschedule.