Meetup Info & Links
Things to remember as we transition from BigTent to Meetup: 

- Be prepared to upload a profile photo. A photo of you or your family is preferred. If you do not wish to use a personal photo, please be prepared to upload some kind of photo (landscape, favorite character, etc.). 

- Upon joining, you will likely receive a confirmation that you have been added as a trial member. Just disregard this. Once your membership is approved, we will take you off of the trial membership and change the end date of your membership term to whatever it currently is on BigTent. 

- After joining, please feel to jump in and start signing up for activities! One way that Meetup differs from BigTent is that we cannot set up custom RSVP categories (i.e. number of parents/number of children). So on Meetup, for our purposes, the member is the parent, and the guests are the children (or other parent, if both parents are attending). To RSVP, click the check mark under or next to "Are you going?", then when it asks "Are you bringing anyone", select the number of children you will be bringing. As has always been the case, unless indicated, OWL activities are only for current members of the group. The mobile app will show a list of our activities -- a monthly view is also available on laptop/desktop. 

The following links can provide help with the Meetup sign-up process, and info to use after being added to our new Meetup group. Each question/subject links to Meetup support docs. 

How to sign up for a Meetup account - instructions for both desktop/laptop and mobile.

How to join a Meetup group
Note: Our group's direct URL is: -- after signing up for Meetup, instead of searching for the group, you can go directly to this URL. If you are on mobile, type the url into your mobile web browser and you will be directed to the appropriate area of the app. 

Help with signing up/logging in problems.

Editing your email settings.
Not receiving emails? 

How to unsubscribe from emails.

Editing your push notification settings.

Editing your profile/profile photo.

How to send a message to another member.