Learn a New Language (or 70)
by Amy on August 17th, 2015

​Last year my daughter announced that she wanted to learn French. I was cool with that. One small problem: I never took French and I barely felt able to pronounce it!  I had several choices. I could hop on the internet and instantly download Rosetta Stone French for a mere $500. Alternatively, I could choose the Foreign Service Institute's French course for just $100. Or I could be realistic about our language budget and admit we didn't have one.

Enter Siouxland Libraries' access to Mango Languages, available for free to anyone with a library card. 
​​Mango Languages is an interactive and conversational approach to acquiring a second language, offering 70 foreign languages for English Speakers and 19 ESL programs for non-English speakers. Includes voice comparison technology to help assist patrons in their speaking skills.

We had a blast working through lessons together! In addition to vocabulary and phrases (all pronounced with a proper accent by native speakers), there are grammar and cultural notes for each topic--and review of previous material is built right in. All the lessons are narrated, so even a non-reader can use the program. Plus, as if all this weren't enough, you can download the app to your favorite mobile device and learn on the go!

So, if you ever wanted to brush up on your high-school Spanish, or if your kids have been itching to study Japanese, Scottish Gaelic, or Tagalog--Mango is a great place to start.

Note: I have no affiliation with Mango other than as a happy language learner. This post is not sponsored and I have received no compensation for providing my opinion of their program. :)

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