Homeschooling through high school?
by Amity on February 4th, 2015

​​Well yes, yes I plan to, but let's not forget I am soooo new at this I have spent hours upon hours and possibly even a week of just hours researching this very topic. Credits, transcripts and science labs, OH MY! Where is a homeschoolin' mama to start? Well it just so happens I recently stumbled on to a great resource 
Wow! From her absolute beginners guide to her high school transcript template I was in "fist pumping" mode! "Yes"!

This is a fantastic page that even gives you a clear picture of what homeschooling could look like for you and your family. In my experience, which isn't "a lot" I feel connecting with your "style" is an important guide for creating harmonious success. I love this website for not only the high school info that I didn't have to prepay for, attend a conference to understand or order a book that has guarded secrets for sale, but that it easily lays the idea of homeschooling out for you with no strings attached.  That is important especially because homeschooling has become rather popular and information seems to come from all places.

Also the credit thing had me feeling like marbles were rolling around in my head. This graphic that they freely share explains it without worry. Super simple and to the point. The only thing I would add is I have been in research mode now for almost a year and that it is very important to have a clear idea of what your teen's goals and interests are. My oldest for instance is college/conservatory bound so I have reached out to a few of them and asked them what they are needing from homeschoolers to be considered for acceptance. This, I feel was super important because now we know what they want and we can meet those needs so she can seek her greatest purpose.

So to make a long blog short, homeschooling through high school can seem extremely daunting but there are plenty of free resources out there to help guide you along your way!

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