About BigTent
​BigTent Groups is a service that offers our organization a complete, one-stop-shop online community. Through online services provided by BigTent (www.bigtent.com), OWL is able to process memberships and payments, manage our email list-serv, have our own buy/sell/trade board, access the secured newsletter and calendars, and use lots of other great features to extend our offline activities and relationships online.  

BigTent has a very strict privacy policy and does not sell, rent or give user information to ANY third parties.  Member information is stored and processed on their servers located in the United States. Data is treated as an asset that must be protected, and many tools (encryption, passwords, physical security, etc.) are used to protect your personal information against unauthorized access and disclosure. For instance, your personal profile information is located on a secured server. Where appropriate, communication between your web browser and their servers are encrypted using secure socket layer technology (SSL).  Your account password is encrypted on their servers and is not transmitted in plain text.

Joining Our Way of Learning Homeschool Collective via BigTent
You will be automatically guided through all the steps in the registration process.  The first step is setting up a BigTent account.  Having a BigTent username and password will allow you to request membership in any groups hosted at BigTent.  

The second step is filling in the fields specific to your OWL membership:  Name, email address, mailing address, phone numbers, partner/spouse, children’s names and birth dates (month and year are fine, just use 1 as the default day), when you began to homeschool, and what methods you use.  These questions are the same questions that we have had on our membership forms in past years.  Since our BigTent group is a closed group, comprised only of paying OWL members, we hope that you will be comfortable sharing much of your information with the group, but the amount of information you share with the group is completely up to you. 

Third, you will choose your email options.  You may choose to receive emails for all of the topics on our forum, a daily digest, or no email.  Feel free to choose whatever method suits you best, if there is a postponement or cancellation, we will make sure to have a notification in your inbox right away.

The last step in the process is to pay your membership dues.  Dues may be paid through PayPal via BigTent, via check, or cash.  When your payment has been received, your OWL membership will be approved.  

You will only be asked to go through the registration process one time, as long as your OWL membership is renewed prior to your expiration date each year.  As always, we will not turn families away due to inability to pay.  Please let us know if this is the case.  

Video tutorials can be accessed by clicking here. 

Please fee free to ask any questions by emailing admin@owlsiouxfalls.org.